Video Slideshow Completed!

The Rock Forward team has been working on a video slideshow that displays some of the pictures and people we met during our trip.  We feel the song “Do something” by Matthew West embodies the Rock Forward organization.  There are so many great people and unique experiences, it’s hard to pack it all into 4 minutes but we gave it our best shot. 🙂


Return trip

On the ground in Amsterdam. Flight was right on time and the archbold/PA teams are saying goodbyes. Archbold team will be on the ground in Detroit at 1:30. The PA team will be on the ground at 3:30 in DC. UPDATE: Archbold team is on the ground in Detroit. All…

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Africa Day 2

God’s greatness is once again impressed upon us in ways like many have never experienced. We went to a lion and Cheetah park to see the amazing Africa wildlife. There were actually herds of zebras, a family of giraffes, wart hogs and their families and wylabies. The rock formations were…

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Amsterdam update

Archbold team is safely on the ground and loading up the storage lockers. We are heading by train to meet the PA team at central station. The flight went pretty smooth once we were in the air. Update: Both teams met up and we are now at our gate. It…

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