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Rock Forward was established in 2012, out of hearts to extend love, gospel and hope to the depressed economy and poverty stricken people in Zimbabwe, Africa. This clear call was given to Ron and Cathy King, after an exploratory trip to Mali, Africa. Tthey developed a desperate passion for the people and souls in Africa. Given the English language, US currency, a strong desire to learn about economic opportunity and a thirst for the knowledge, the African culture became a part of the hearts of the Kings. They have given themselves to this ministry ever since and have tried to engage many others in the same opportunity.. Africa Works, our partners on the ground in Zimbabwe, has the same call and heart for the economic transformation in Africa, using relationships and discipleship as the agent of transformation. The two organizations have been working together ever since. Rock Forward, LLC is our 501c3, enabling charitable giving and donations to flow into the many opportunities to contribute in the micro loaning and mentoring of the nearly forty businesses that have been started and are thriving since inception of Rock Forward. People in Zimbabwe are waiting in line to form business partnerships with those who have the heart to both mentor and invest into the lives and souls of these beautifully brilliant people.

Rock Forward is seeking committed business persons to partner internationally through micro-finance, agricultural/industrial funding and mentoring relationships that will inspire economic transformation in southeast Africa

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